Project Name: JMW Farms - Tonnagh, Co. Armagh

JMW Farms are pig producers, feed millers and renewable energy producers.

Jim Wright along with his brother, Mark, have been producing pigs and feed since1986, and since 2012 they have also been producing renewable energy with their own anaerobic digestion CHP plant at Tonnagh.

JMW Farms is a progressive group of companies concentrating on pig production within Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Britain.

It employs 145 persons as well as providing self-employment opportunities for 50 outside contract growers and the associated supply chain. JMW currently has 15,000 sows with a current stock level of 140,000 pigs.

JMW have two breeding farms in the Northern Ireland, two in the Republic of Ireland and two in England.

Project Background – What the Client required?

The client wanted to make better use of the heat that the combined heat and power unit was producing, to offer a balanced comfortable heat to the pig units, this involved the installation of a 40,000 litre buffer tank to store access energy until it was required. We also supplied and installed a fill & spill expansion system.

All the pig units had complete upgrades to include mixed circuits, new pumps, pipework & thermal insulation.

Due to the size of the system we also fitted magnetic dirt filters, degasser and chemical treatment system.

JMW now have heat “on tap” delivered via a very efficient system.

Our company was contracted to carry out a complete heating system upgrade consisting of the following system elements:

  • Installation of Bespoke 40,000Ltr External Buffer Tank
  • Hydraulic Connection to above
  • Prefabricated Welded Pipework
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Fill & spill unit
  • Dosing Pot
  • Vacuum Degasser
  • Energy Saving Pumps
  • Thermal Insulation of the Heating System
  • Insulated Pump & Valve Covers