Our company offers a range of “Bespoke Prefabricated Skid Units” with Gas, CHP or Heat Pumps heating technologies available.

Off-Site Prefabricated Skid Solutions

  • Made to Order Bespoke Designs
  • Shorter Build times
  • Factory Controlled build environment – FAT Testing, Skilled Work Force
  • Sustainable Solutions – reduced carbon footprint
  • Portable Design – Skid frame which allows the heating system to be easily transported
  • Reduction in Waste Materials
  • Reduced Health & Safety Issues
  • Fewer Work Men on Site
  • Less Noise, Dust and Local Disruptions
  • Reduced Disruptions and Downtime of Pre-existing operations
  • Efficient Processes resulting in Quicker Turn Around Time for Project
  • Plug & Play Solutions


What we offer


“From Concept to Project"


“Offsite Prefab – for efficient - On Site Assembly”


“Onsite Delivery & Assemble”


“Optimising your project’s Output & Efficiency”


“Providing our Clients excellent “After Sales Service & Support”